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The World's Most Expensive Turntable
Posted by Anthems Staff on: Tuesday 29 November 2005

Direct Drive?

Throw out your old Technics decks - 'cos you need a fancy pair of Continuum Caliburn turntables, a snip at just $90,000 each and probably the world's most expensive turntables (unless you have a pair of Technics in solid gold)

Scarily a handful of very rich and very silly people have already ponied up for these monsters of audio extravagance.

Certainly beats my old Soundlab belt drive decks..

The Continuum Caliburn debuted at CES 2005 last January, and is now being distributed in the States. Three people already own the system, so we now know that three audiophiles love vinyl enough to drop $90,000 on a record player.

Don't get me wrong, I love vinyl's rawness and depth, but the Juliet that Brent gave me in high school works just fine, though it does need a preamp. The Caliburn sports a $12k tonearm, and the platter is suspended via a vacuum to keep it turning smoothly.


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