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The Great Vinyl Records Revival
Posted by Anthems Staff on: Wednesday 20 September 2006

Music To Our Ears

Over a million vinyl record singles were sold last year, making a surprise comeback for the format many thought was long gone.

Sales have grown over the past five years with last year being the big one. So much for the iPod generation.

Gennaro Chastaldo, a spokesman for HMV, the high street music chain, said: "It says something about a band's status if they have a presence on vinyl. These days, if you release material in the form of a seven inch single, you have really made it.

"Kids think vinyl is really cool and having a vinyl release is like a badge of honour for a band."

Rob Campkin, the head of music at Virgin Retail, said 80 per cent of all releases now included a presence on vinyl with between 20 and 30 singles being stocked in the format by his company every week.

"Seven inch vinyl singles are coming into their own because the nature of commercial chart music is changing," he explained.

"Indie music has now become mainstream pop and it is dominated by acts who have embraced vinyl. Kids like the artwork you get with a seven inch vinyl cover. They can pin it on their wall."


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