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Coldplay Set To Go Away
Posted by Anthems Staff on: Thursday 16 February 2006

Martin Stuns Sad Fans At Brit Awards

There is something a little odd about Chris Martin and Coldplay. One would think men with such success and money would be the epitome of cheerful - but it seems everyone may not be happy in the Coldplay camp.

At last nights Brit Awards, Chris dropped a bombshell to fans who enjoy getting depressed to his music while picking up the Best Album prize.

"Thank you. That's it," he said. "We won't see you for a very long time."

When asked about the comment afterwards, he said only, "We need to go away. We've got a lot of work to do, that's all," according to the Hollywood Reporter and Billboard online.

So the questions are: how long can the guys go away for; and can the fans of the band cope with the loss.

As for the money side, Coldplay's 2005 tour ranked No. 17 according to Billboard Boxscore reports, grossing more than $23 million after playing to more than 580,000 fans.

But there are doubts of a real split.

"Coldplay are not quitting," a Capitol spokesperson tells, noting the upcoming dates that will be the conclusion of the band's 16-month world tour. "They will then continue working on new material."

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